I’d like to welcome you to my gaming site “Armored Crossroads”. I’ve been involved in war gaming off and on for fifty years, and just recently have discovered Flames Of War through a friend (and since several others). I’m involved in about four or so FOW groups on Facebook.

I truly hope those who play and follow the game of Flames Of War will continue to support the game, will continue to play for many years, and definitely hope you will support my site.

I ask those who support my site to refrain from using profanity, posting anything political, any abusive language, or any inappropriate images. This is strictly a gaming/hobby/historical site for fun and sharing information about FOW and WWII.

Coming soon….

Coming soon from this company is this Normandy bocage gaming mat, made of neoprene rubber same as a mousepad, so is non-slip. These come rolled up in a nylon bag for storage and carrying. Anxiously awaiting this nice looking mat:

Latest project…..

Here is a follow up on my latest BF purchase, the 2 cm light AA platoon. Not really expecting this to be part plastic and part resin, I had a difficult time getting some items to stay together, even with super glue. I’m about two-thirds done with these, as I still need to add camo to the other two vehicles, plus dirty these up a bit to blend everything in. My current airbrush has given up the ghost, so am awaiting a new one to finish this project.

The artillery is here….

My most recent purchase from Battlefront arrived today, which is shown below. I didn’t realize this was a metal resin kit, as I expected plastic, but it’ll work. I think I’ll need an anti-aircraft battery to complete my army. Photos later as I start this build of my progress…..

Progress as promised on the build. Here is the first half of the build, including primer and paint:

In the photos above, you may notice a different color yellow on these. I used MiG German Dunkelgelb on the hulls, and used Vallejo German Dunkelgelb on the road wheels. More photos of the build shortly….

FOW Gaming….

As I could not find a current operating gaming group here in the Denver area, several days ago I started a group on Meetup called “Denver FOW Gamers”. If you’re in the area, look us up and join! So far 5 of your comrades have. We hope to start gaming soon when more restrictions are lifted. I am currently looking at two places to game…..

Longing for….

It appears soon our state will allow gatherings of 50 people. If this stands and becomes reality, hopefully our local game stores will reopen for gaming. We have one gaming place within a five minute drive, and several more within a reasonable drive, so hopefully these businesses have survived this shutdown. It’ll feel good again to get back onto the battlefield!

Support your local game/hobby store

These past few months have been an unprecedented time, with this world wide pandemic. With everything closed and everyone quarantined, it’s been impossible to game, except of course solo.

Now that some areas and countries are starting to reopen, along with your local hobby and game stores, perhaps it’s time to get out and in these stores to support them. I also include shops such as we have locally here in my area, that offer gamers the opportunity to come in and play, several here with coffee shops inside.

Of course during the quarantine period, it’s also been an opportunity to support these shops and Battlefront Miniatures through online orders as I have. During this period I’ve personally had time to build two armies, American and German. Let us continue to support FOW and those shops that support the game!