Why the ETO….?

I subtitled my blog “Flames Of War gaming in the ETO” for a specific reason. Although I have played a North Africa battle, my interest lies in the European theater. More on this in a moment. With that being said, I’ll also include other areas of operations here: North Africa, Italy, and the Eastern Front. If it plays, I’ll cover it!

My interest lies in Europe however, due to personal reasons. First, military history was a favorite of mine in high school, leading to a term paper that was accepted and taken for use as a course outline for all the history teachers in my public school system. Quite an honor for an eighteen year old. Secondly, military history was my minor in college, particularly the American Civil War and WWII. Third, I’ve always had a keen interest in WWII, as my father served throughout western Europe in the airborne in WWII.

My favorite area to play FOW would be I have to say the Normandy campaign, through the campaign in The Netherlands, to the Battle of the Bulge.