Again, I’d like to welcome everyone in the game of FOW to my site. Here we’ll share information on both the European and Russian fronts of WWII, and its connection to FOW. This of course will also be a site for sharing our models, questions, thoughts, and games of FOW. Although I realize this is an older game, it seems strong to me, and hopefully we can continue playing and supporting this game for many, many years.

I discovered this game last fall after meeting a friend who lives close to my area who has played the game for years. Since then through my employment in a hobby store, I have met other players who have been very keen on the game. I have also had the privilege of seeing other great players and their great FOW modeling on about four or five different FOW Facebook pages, of which I’ve picked up many helpful tips and modeling ideas.

The vehicle models you will see of mine were built, painted, and weathered by myself, unless otherwise noted. As my eyes aren’t young anymore, all my soldiers have been painted by good friend Don L, the friend mentioned above who lives not too far away. We’ve played two games already, before all the virus quarantine hit. We each won one game.

I do have another long-standing hobby, which is model railroading, which you can check out at my other site: http://www.hitopbranchmodelrr.com. You’ll notice other model railroad sites I follow in the “blogs I follow”. I hope you will enjoy both my sites….