Model Gallery

So, here you’ll see quite a bit of my work, plus others hopefully. There are quite the talented modelers out there building and weathering models for FOW. I’m a newcomer to this, starting last fall with the American Combat Command set.

I really didn’t know what I was getting into at first, but found the vehicles from Battlefront go together very easily and fairly quickly, leaving more time to paint and weather each vehicle, which I probably enjoy more. I guess this comes from weathering all my model trains!

In this gallery, you’ll not only see the finished models, but at times how I went about painting and weathering my models. I’ve picked up great tips from other friends and modelers.

I’ll leave you for now with some examples of my painting and weathering:

The soldiers….

Even though I built and painted almost all the vehicles, my friend Don has and is painting all the infantry, vehicle crews, and other weapons. His handiwork is shown below:

Recent Build….

Below is really not a recent build, as much as it is finishing a primered set of models. I recently picked up three Hummels and a Bergepanther from a friend here locally. They, as you can probably tell, are metal resin models. These were just primed with a darker yellow when I picked them up. I thought perhaps they looked too dark for me, so I decided to first lighten them up.

I had also recently purchased some items from Mig to use for the first time, namely their German yellow primer, plus some pigments, soil, and German Dunkelgelb acrylic paint. Their yellow paint is lighter than say Vallejo, so I wanted to try the Mig product on the dark yellow to lighten it. Below is what the models looked like after a spray of Mig paint:

As shown above, the tracks and wheels are already painted. The next photo will show how I do paint the wheels on my vehicles. First, I always use Vallejo black grey paint on all my tracks. I spray everything first with this color, then I take a microbrush which is just the right size for the inside of the wheels themselves, and go over them with either German Dunkelgelb or US olive Drab by Vallejo for my American vehicles. Photo below:

Next up was the camouflage. For German Camo, I use Vallejo camo Dark Green and German Red Brown. I almost always apply the camo with my airbrush, although sometimes I’ve found it gives too wide of a pattern. A few times I’ve had to go back and redo small areas. After applying the camo, the models looked as shown below:

My next step was to add a wash by MiG for German vehicles to bring out the details and blend everything together. This was the first time I had used this product from MiG, and really liked the results. Photo below:

In the photo above I have also painted the gun breeches plus most of the tools. I also painted the personal items on the sides, the shelter quarters and the helmets. I have since gone back and touched up the rest of the tools, and have applied gloss medium for decals. When finished, I’ll update this post with the final product. Stay tuned…..


Here are the almost finished models, after applying decals today. All that remains is a bit more grime over the decals, and sealing everything:

Next Up……

My most recent project was being worked on the same time as my Hummel’s, my Bergepanther recovery vehicle I picked up from Ian, another local player, along with extra Panther Lehr decals I needed. This model was also metal resin. Below is a photo of this model after spraying a coat of MiG dunkelgelb:

The photo above shows several areas painted in wood color

The next photo shows preliminary camouflage added:

The next series shows progress with different areas including tarps and tools being painted:

The final series of photos shows the almost finished model as well, except for adding some grime and sealing:

On the way……

I’m awaiting a box of Wespe’s coming from Battlefront, which has been delayed a bit it appears. I’ll post a recap of this build when started….


Coming soon from my friend Don is a company of fallschirmjaeger’s: